At DIGITALL our approach to business is customer centered, which means that we believe that a business without a customer or client is no business at all regardless of how well funded, managed or valuable their service offering is.

To  this end, we utilise or insights and expertise on all matters relating to Online Digital Marketing Management, in order to provide the necessary advise, support and skillset to our SME customers, to ensure that they are able to create a business which is visible and able to grow into successful and sustainable operations with a healthy customer base.

Our model as DIGITALL is crafted as LoS4SMEs (Law of Survival for SMEs) as depicted below. From this model we describe the VISIBILITY of a business as the KEY driver to its survival.

Our solution takes digital technology up several levels by allowing SMEs to advertise online, providing easy access to websites and a fantastic mobile application that allows  them to broadcast their services to consumers within their local communities.

Our LoS4SMEs model is designed to take SMEs to the next level by making them effectively visible to their prospective clients and customers with the right mix of web marketing tactics.